Standardized Test Preparation Letters from Students

1.       Hey Carlos! I received yesterday the result of the TOEFL test and I had 79. If it wasn’t your classes I seriously thought that I wouldn’t make it all by myself, so I really appreciate your help and dedication in all classes. 

2.       Hey Carlos! Good news. Got 7 in the IR and 710 in the exam. I am beyond happy! More specifically I got 85% in the verbal!! Thank you for your help.

3.       Hey Ellis!! Thanks a lot for your corrections! Sooo…I scored 109 YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHH lol!!! Once again thank you very very very much!!! Without your encouragement and support it wouldn’t have been possible!! 

4.       Dear Professor, I have very good news! I received the score today: 107 out of 120. I wantto thank you for preparing me so effectively for this test! I felt really prepared in all sections of the tests and I remembered a lot of advice you gave me through the preparation course. I have no doubts in recommending your school to other people who might want to take the TOEFL test in the future.

5.       Hi Carlos! I already have my score — 96! Thanks for helping me and for the cool classes and advice! Keep going with your teaching method because it is really good J

6.       Dear Carlos, I really want to thank you. I received my TOEFL score today, I scored 96. It is enough, the Lisbon MBA asks for 93. 

7.       Dear Carlos, I scored a 117! Thank you for your inspiring classes and good tips, without them I surely wouldn’t have been able to pass the 109/110 minimum that some of the top business schools require. So, the classes has some fantastic side effects for my GMAT test: I scored a 750, and got into 99th percentile of the Verbal section, as well as getting a 6.0 AWA. This would have been impossible without the reading exercises and the many essays we had to write for our course. Thank you for your good advice and explanations!


8.       Hi Carlos, I’m _______ and I had TOEFL and GMAT preparation classes with you. I’m writing you because I was accepted at the Rosen College in UCF, Orlando, and I want to thank you for all your help in making my dream of studying in USA a reality. I’m so happy! Thank you very much!! 

9.       Dear ASL, I finally received the TOEFL results! On GMAT my global grade was 610. On the writing section, the result was 4. I’ve checked with the university and 600 is the minimum grade required. On TOEFL, the grade was 102. I would like to thank you for all your support and for your excellent job on lessons. I’m sure that without your help it would be impossible to have these results after only one month of training. Thank you very much to all of you.

10.   Hi Suzanne, I’m writing to tell you that my score in the TOEFL was between 240 and 293!!!! I’m so happy! Thank you.

11.   Hi Carlos, I scored 108/120 and I’m very happy about it. Thank you so much for your help throughout the classes.

12.   Hi Carlos. I got a 115, 28 on both speaking and writing. Thanks for everything!

13.   Hey Carlos, I just got my scores and I’m very happy about them. I got 102! Yey! So thank you for all the help you’ve given me, I really couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks so much.

14.   Hello ASL! My grade was 107. I just want to thank you for all the help that you have me during my preparation for the exam. 

15.   Hey Carlos, I’ve passed the TOEFL with 113!!! Thank you for everything. I have to stop by there to thank you personally. 



Devido à predominância do Inglês norte-americano em todos os domínios da vida cultural e profissional, a minha escolha da escola era óbvia: A American School of Languages.

Na American School of Languages encontrei uma dinâmica equipa de professores de origem norte-americana que, com um domínio perfeito dos melhores métodos de ensino, respondem perfeitamente às minhas necessidades de aprendizagem.

Na American School of Languages encontrei, também, aulas com um método de ensino que aposta na intensa conversação sem esquecer, claro, a importância fundamental que tem a aprendizagem da gramática para o perfeito domínio da língua inglesa.

Na American School of Languages encontrei uma receção calorosa, traduzido na grande simpatia dos profissionais que nos recebem, sempre com uma grande disponibilidade e atenção, complementando uma equipa de docentes dinâmica e muito profissional.

Por todas estas razões, recomendo a American School of Languages para a aprendizagem do Inglês, na certeza de que não seremos apenas alunos mas, também, amigos.

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