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Below you’ll find some student compositions regarding the COVID-19 outbreak with a wide range of opinions on the drawbacks and benefits of such a destructive virus.

The Controversial Approach of Swedish Authorities to the COVID-19 Outbreak

by Susana Gonçalves
It seems clear that, by avoiding the lockdown, the Swedish authorities are not implementing measures in line with the ones most of the remaining governments have implemented and, especially, they are not aligned with the World Health Organisation recommendations.

Apparently, against all recommendations and international policies, Sweden is testing a theory of immunity. However, shouldn’t we ask if people’s lives are not more important than any experiment? In my view, it is a high-risk experiment that, ultimately, can put thousands of human lives at risk.

Even considering the typical social distance that we can find in Nordic countries and their strong healthcare systems, in my opinion, no one can ensure that the Swedish healthcare system will not fail and when the relevant authorities realise this, it may be too late.

Despite any conspiracy theories, in my opinion, the current lack of measures to fight the pandemic is more based on economic reasons than any other reason. There have been far too many examples of tragedies deriving from COVID-19 (in some nearby countries, such as Italy) that it is impossible to believe that Swedish authorities are not taking that scenario into consideration.

Having said all this, I hope that Sweden proves that we are all wrong and that the immunity theory really works. Indeed, it would be a simpler way to deal with this virus (and also the less aggressive way from an economic perspective).

What Should We Do to Return to Some Sort of Normality?

by Mabel
If someone told us only a few months ago that we had to keep a relatively safe distance from other people, stay at home, and wear masks and gloves every time we need to go to the grocery store, we certainly wouldn`t believe it.
These are strange days. We almost feel like characters from a science-fiction (or si-fi) movie.

We all had to change our habits and had to learn to live in a different way. All this is due to the pandemic of the “Corona virus” that has spread all over the world.

Almost two months have passed from the implementation of the first measures of confinement and now the time has come for some countries to begin reopening the economy and return to some sort of normality.

Gradually, people will return to their previous lives.

However, this will take some time. We will all still have to follow some rules for a long time to guarantee that we stay safe and that we don`t put others at risk (in danger).

In conclusion, we can say that in spite of the reopening of the economy, and the beginning of some activities, it will take some time for people to feel as free as they were before.

In my opinion, this lack of freedom is the most difficult to deal with and that’s the worst part of it all.


by Luna Franceschelli
These last few weeks have been tough for everyone. We’re now facing an extraordinary event, which none of us has ever lived before. Since I’ve been working from home for a very long time now, I can’t say my life has drastically changed, but not being able to live my regular outdoor life is not easy.

I’ve been spending most of my day working – as before – but I’ve now got more time to spend doing things I couldn’t do a month ago. I’ve been attending some very interesting webinars and on-line courses, I’ve been watching several movies and TV shows (as everyone out there), and most important I’ve been talking to my family and friends as never before.

At the moment, the hardest part for me is not being able to travel or plan any trips in the near future. I often think of a place I would like to be or to go, and then I remember that it could be impossible for quite a long time. That hurts! 😀

I’m not complaining though: I’m safe and sound, my family and friends are fine, and when it’s sunny outside my bedroom gets direct sunlight all day long. I just need an inflatable pool and I’m all set for the summer.

What Can We Learn and How Can We Benefit From This Situation?

by Ana Paula Dias Rodrigues
The virus led us to isolation, and this led us to relearn new ways of being in life, such as living more permanently at home. People have been able to learn new ways of working, either because they had to change their activity, or because they adapted to working from home. So, they have more time with their family, and the parents can enjoy more time with their children. Parents now have more time to help teach their children at home.

Also, with more time at home, many people are developing new activities, hobbies, and tasks, which in their previous normal routine they would not have time for, such as reading, playing, exercising, writing, doing DIY tasks, and more.

Despite the negative effects of the pandemic, people are trying to manage to overcome what is bad, and are looking more at the benefits.