The Lottery: Four Students’ Musings

by Andreia Barata
If I won the lottery this week, I would pay my debts, help my family pay theirs, and then we would travel. First, we’d go to the Azores, to visit the 9 islands of the archipelago, because my father would love to go there, to see the beautiful green landscapes, the happy cows, the hydrangeas in bloom and the different lakes that exist on the islands. After visiting the Azores, we’d go to Cape Verde, to have a “food and drinks” vacation and relax.

With the other part of the money, I would like to help associations of children with cancer and those who suffer from domestic violence.

I would also like to buy land and have a guesthouse in the countryside, but the money from the people’s stays would be donated to these associations. However, there would be a prerequisite, they would have to drop off their phones and laptop computers in the reception safe when they checked in and these would be returned when they checked out.


by Marta
If I won the lottery tomorrow, I would open my own event planning Business, for weddings, birthday parties, baby showers and theme parties.

I’ve always wanted to have my own business, but a lot of money is needed for that. I love planning and organizing the dinner tables with savory appetizers, many different kinds of cheeses, bread, pates, different fruit and drinks.
The thing I like the most is decorating, thinking about every tiny detail. Everything must look beautiful and taste delicious! The colors must match each other and the environment.

Besides the food quality and the decoration, it’s fundamental to understand people’s desires. After all, it’s all about them. I would be very happy if this happened someday!

I hope your dream comes true one day!


by Margarida
If I won the lottery tomorrow, I would probably travel with my family and friends. We love to travel and learn about other customs, languages, and traditions. My favorite countries are South American, such as Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Peru. These countries are very interesting because they are different from the reality in Europe. In my opinion, these countries have great economic inequalities, but in Europe, it is the same in some countries. Like this, with a lot of money, I would invest in important places for these countries, such as hospitals, schools, host houses, and others.

In this part of the planet, the opportunities aren’t equal for all the population. In these places, there are some people that live below the poverty line, and this situation is more visible in and around the big cities. In my opinion, if people studied a lot, they would have a “word” in society because in a society without a good education system, it is easier for the presidents to control the people. However, for people to have better conditions, it is necessary to invest in them. The school support is perfect for the children and it will generate good people in the future. Education in the future is a reflection of the work we do today.

by Vitalina Macedo
If I won the lottery tomorrow, I would buy my dream house and my dream car. However, 15 million euros is a lot of money, so I would still have many millions more to spend.
With the rest of the money, I would give some of it to my family and, possibly, to a few special friends.

I would also like to travel around the world, and I would live in a special country, like Indonesia. I traveled to Indonesia 3 years ago and I fell in love with this country. And with a little more money, I would enjoy this beautiful country. And, possibly, I would buy a space to have a hostel and a Portuguese restaurant. For a few years, I think that I would change my life. With my current life, I don’t have the courage to leave everything behind, especially my job, and move to another different country. But if I won the lottery, I would have more opportunities to take risks.

I would also help some charitable organizations, especially organizations that help children.
And, since I know that the money ends fast, I would invest some of this money. But I would invest it in some things that could give me more pleasure. For example, I wouldn´t invest in companies whose activities I don’t have interest in. But I would invest in companies like hotels and restaurants, but I would have different hotels and restaurants, like in some special places, with special food and different experiences.

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