Imagine Your Life Without a Computer or Cellphone

by Margarida

Life without a computer or cell phone would be boring, to say the least. For the people who were born in the technology generation, it is difficult to “turn off” technology. In this situation, technology is a fraction of these people’s lives, that is, to use the computer or cellphone is the same as to eat or sleep. The use of technology is routine. However, technology can be addictive, that is, it has the same effects as drugs. People spend a lot of their time on the computer or cellphone, for example, to work, to watch a film or series, or simply to wait for public transport. Technology is an intrinsic thing for modern society, but it isn’t only a “pink world”, technology has its disadvantages.

Technology stole an emotional fraction from people and empathy for people. At the moment, through their computers, people attack other people very easily because they don’t accept the differences. Tolerance decreases with technology, people think that they can comment on anything they want about others. Today, I see racist, homophobic, sexist, and xenophobic comments, that is, stupid comments towards me, and I feel blue. Difference is good. If people were all the same, the world would be sad, boring, and uninteresting. The key is to respect others and show them tolerance and empathy.

However, technology has advantages such as meeting people, doing courses, and attending school while at home. The pandemic time with technology is easier than without it, because it allows communication with families and friends. You can watch a lot of series and buy from online stores. For me, it is perfect!

I spend a part of my time with technology, I work on my computer, I watch films and series and I buy a lot of things from the online stores.

Technology is a big and good invention, but the right balance is the key.

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