What Good Things Are Happening Around the World?

by Andreia Barata

With this Covid pandemic, there are things that have been positive, not all has been bad.

The first lesson we must learn is that we should be more concerned about each other and not just think of ourselves. How often do people ask us for help and we say no, sometimes just out of selfishness.

We must value the special moments we live; we are always under constant stress and we do not realize that we must enjoy the moments with our family and friends, we are always running. There is no time to enjoy a beautiful sunset with friends; the sea makes us calm. Also on the bright side, with this isolation, we are seeing a decrease in the amount of environmental and noise pollution in large cities.

Another issue we should be more concerned about is our physical and mental health. How many times do we stop going to the doctor or the gym? We end up not valuing what we feel because we don’t have time, but one day it may be too late. Also, you can work a lot from your home. Many times, instead of going to the office, walking, and driving in a constant rush, you can stay at home and have a calmer day.

Another lesson we can learn is to always protect ourselves with daily hygiene routines, so we don’t get this virus or any other. And we should have a healthier diet. Those who eat out every day in restaurants, even if they eat healthy food, are never as healthy as when they eat homemade food.

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