Is Life Without Technology Possible?

by Vitalina Macedo

For many people, it is impossible to live without computers or cellphones. Actually, these tools are essentials in our life. If you asked me: “Could people live without these machines?” I would answer, “yes, it is possible”. However, I would also tell you that people live better when they use computers and cellphones. Their lives are easier and more interesting.

When I was a child, my family did not have a cellphone nor any other phone in our home. And I remember that it was quite difficult because we were always going to our neighbor’s house to make a call. Now, with cellphones, we can call anyone at any time. And even better, today, we can use our cellphones to do many more things, because with android systems we can use very useful apps.

I only got my first cellphone when I was twelve years old. Sometimes, I think that I am “closed-minded”, because nowadays I think that children get cellphones when they are too young. Most of them do not have enough responsibility to use a cellphone and they are more vulnerable.

Computers are also important for our times. I cannot imagine our days without computers. I use a computer for nine or more hours per day. This machine is essential in my work and my life. Currently, with computers, we are more efficient because we can do some things faster than without computers.

Nowadays, with new technology, with a simple click, we are able to obtain the information that we need.
However, I also think that, sometimes, we should do a “detox” from technology, and try to live like people did in the past, without computers or cellphones. It also is important to breathe fresh air, to speak with people “in person” and take advantage of the time available with family and friends.

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