Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

by Alexandra

What can we learn from this situation?

I think the expression “every cloud has a silver lining” means that everything has a positive part, namely the cloud can be very dark but there is always light around the corner, which means that something good is coming. This expression is applicable to this pandemic situation that all of us are living.

With this confinement, we learn new ways to live. We learn that our home can be the best place to stay safe with our family, we learn how to be present at work remotely. We teach our parents how to use a smartphone and make video calls through WhatsApp.

We learn valuable little things like having a coffee on the beach, going to the restaurant, the hairdresser, having dinner with family and friends. And I think that it’s a life lesson. We relearn how to help others. We learn that we need to be more like friends with our planet.

Since this pandemic started, the planet is healthier, and even the ozone hole is “closing”.
Maybe the world needed this opportunity to stop.

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