Life Without a Computer or a Cellphone

by Marta Rita

The computer and the cellphone are a part of my entire day, so it’s hard to imagine my life without them. The computer I use mostly for work, but the cellphone is my alarm clock, my appointment book, and the main way for me to communicate with my family and friends. Sometimes I use the computer to play Sims and watch Netflix, but I could live without that because most of the things I do on the computer, I can now do on my cellphone.

I could live without my cellphone only for a few days and only if I were with the most important people in my life. At this time, I could watch TV or read a newspaper to stay informed about what is happening in the world. I don’t consider myself addicted to my cellphone, but I like to follow some pages on social networks, about travel, food, fashion, and famous people. It’s a way to pass the time.

I think my life without a cellphone would be more full of books and meeting friends in the cafe to catch up!

One thought on “Life Without a Computer or a Cellphone

  1. Deilson says:

    Many people spend a good part of the day on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, among others. People follow you because they identify with you or like what you have to say, but also to start a conversation. I like some networks, but I don’t spend a long time checking them. Social media shouldn’t control your life. What we need is a sense of connection to other people.  

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