The Bright Side of the Plague

by Ana Maria Pinto

Nowadays, we are living in a difficult situation. Why? The global economy has been forced to close because of this plague. What are some consequences? Bad quality of life, corporations are closing and the people are waiting for their old way of life that probably will not come so soon.

But in this situation, we can find positives aspects. The first one is: the planet is breathing again without so much pollution and the people can breathe better than they could the last year. The media and the internet are full of images or pictures that prove this fact. We can say that these last months have compensated for a little bit of the pollution that we cause. My hope is that countries can see other solutions like working from home and reduce the need to travel to work because at some jobs it is possible to work remotely.

The second point is: for the first time in the city people can hear the sounds of birds or other animals and see a few of them walking in the streets. For me, this is a positive point because it reminds us that there are other living beings on the planet and we are constantly doing harm to them.

Portugal can learn an important lesson. We are a country that doesn’t believe in the advantages of the internet. But Portugal can learn and see that it’s possible to use technology to work or go shopping. If Portugal changes, the level of pollution will decrease and this will help improve the health of the Portuguese people.

In my point of view, I don’t believe that this situation will change the world. That can change only until the vaccine appears. After that, the people will return to the old customs and the pollution will return.

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