Good News Around the World

by Margarida Silva

The world has been changing but there is a lot of good news. One international organization shows that the levels of pollution have been decreasing. The planet is breathing better than in the past. Also, in India, the population can see their monuments and breathe better air and feel healthier. The Indian people can see the Himalayas that they haven’t seen since the Second World War, and this is wonderful.

The animal life also has been changing, because deforestation and forest fires have stopped, and the animals have returned to their normal lives. Among the endangered animals, breeding occurred, and the species are no longer so affected. I read in the article that in an Australian Zoo an endangered animal was born. It is phenomenal!! The ecosystem is recovering, it is good news. Regarding animals, the absence of people in their neighborhood streets can allow some wildlife to explore the city.

The world isn’t only filled with bad news!!

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